Sea day injection molding machine large parts of the transport of small knowledge.

Injection molding machine is one of the most common production equipment and one of the most equipment encountered in the operation. Perennial for Toshiba, Haitian, barton phil, Ann, shock, yu plastic into, LG, Taiwan and other well-known brands to provide professional injection molding machine transportation services, has accumulated a large number of rich experience in injection molding machine transportation. In order to ensure the safety of the injection molding machine, the pre-transport loading and fastening work is particularly important. Now, taking the model of the Haitian 1300 injection molding machine as an example, the small knowledge of the injection molding machine is summarized as follows:

1. Select suitable transport vehicles according to the specifications, weight and loading environment of the injection molding machine.

2. When loading the car, make a wooden block or rubber on the contact surface of the equipment and the carriage plate to increase the friction force. The equipment base should be stabilized, the center of center of the equipment and the center of the vehicle, deviation < 500mm, to ensure the overall stability of the equipment.

3. Lift the crane with two cranes, lift the injection molding machine from the ground about 1.5 meters, then slowly pour the heavy plate into the lower part of the injection molding machine, slowly drop the hook, and put the injection molding machine on the transport vehicle smoothly.

4, using circular strapping solution strengthening, according to the condition of equipment in three or four on both sides of the road after a circle of wire rope winding equipment use gourd taut, if the injection molding machine has allowed to reinforce the outer flange to the combination of "eight words" strapping reinforcement measures.

5. Cover the injection molding machine with conventional rain cloth, such as the application of the injection molding machine beyond the part of the carriage board, the wrapping of the winding membrane, and then cover with the waterproof cloth.

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