What are the maintenance and maintenance of equipment handling tools?

Equipment procurement is a high cost for the transport company. And do daily maintenance and maintenance of equipment handling tools, prolong its service life, on the one hand, can reduce the cost of the company, on the other hand, the normal use of handling tools, can eliminate safety hidden trouble, handling the personal safety of workers. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of the handling tools should be done by every porter. The daily maintenance of the handling tools includes the following:

1, before handling equipment, for customers in response to check handling tools, mainly to check whether there is exception, tool on any part of the transmission part and the connecting rod is enough lubricating oil, equipment corrosion phenomena, to special inspection usually easy to overlook, such as, wire rope, tires, spark plugs, etc. Check it out and keep a record for later inspection.

After 2, equipment purchase, maintenance of production units should be responsible for, for the first time and then in everyday use, before going to work every day to do routine check, add lubricant by the regulation, check whether the sound machine is operating normally, equipment handling, after work to clean and finishing handling tools, do a good job in succession of daily maintenance and shift work items to make it a complete set of process, and make a form file.

3. Regularly contact the manufacturers and let them carry out a comprehensive inspection of our handling tools, such as the engine, and the internal maintenance of the handling tools. If our maintenance work is well done, we can make major repairs to extend the service life when the equipment is in use.

Equipment handling is usually a large piece of equipment and machinery, for equipment handling tools, it is very expendable. Just like people, they do hard work every day, but they don't pay attention to rest and nutrition, and their life expectancy will not be long. The daily maintenance of the handling tools seems like a small thing, but it makes a significant contribution to reducing the company's costs and safety concerns. Therefore, company leaders and grass-roots employees must pay attention.

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