What should be paid attention to in equipment installation, disassembly and migration?

The installation and removal of all kinds of mechanical equipment shall be carried out in strict accordance with the factory instruction and special installation and demolition plan.

1. Before the migration, the mechanical equipment should find out the bridge on the driving route, the upper clearance of the culvert and the carrying capacity of the road and bridge. When passing the bridge, slow speed should be adopted, and no turning or braking on the deck. If the carrying capacity is not enough, the reinforcement measures must be developed in advance.

2. The mechanical equipment must be installed on a flat, solid ground, where the soft ground must be tamped first, and the base plate and wood shall be added. A drill rig operating on a platform must be reliably connected to the chassis of the rig.

3. The mechanical equipment must be installed in a stable and positive level. The plumb line of the rotary center of the rotary drill and the impact of the drilling rig is aligned to the position of the pile hole, and the deviation shall not be greater than the allowable value of the design (10 ~ 15mm).

4, must be in the transmission of mechanical equipment parts (gear, universal wheel, belt and pressurized wheel) external protective railing or shield installation is firm, pressurized wheel with wire rope must add protection sets.

5. The thickness of the board laid on the platform shall not be less than 50mm; When the steel plate is laid, the plate shall have anti-slip measures.

6. The ladder, working table and the protective railing of the tower shall be firmly installed and reliable, and the net height of the protective railings shall be no less than 1.2m. The pulley and the wheel must be made of steel, and the wheel should have a roof. Steel wire rope hoisting limiters must be installed and safety baffles to prevent wire rope job-hopping.

7, the tower shall be installed in the lower part of overhead transmission lines, tower erected (installed) or down (removing), between its outer edge and the edge of overhead transmission line must keep a safe distance, and conforms to the rules on this article 2.0.16 and the provisions of article 4.0.17.

8, installing, removing and migration tower, must obey the machine (class), or technical personnel unified command, it is strictly prohibited to workers and casting tools and objects, it is strictly prohibited under the tower on the tower operation at the same time, it is strictly prohibited on the tower or high position for disassembling tools and objects. The construction personnel should leave the tower and fall over the range when the tower is raised or lowered.

9. When the equipment is transferred on site, the operator should check and clear the obstacles on the way, and must set up a special person to look after the cable to prevent the damage. Irrelevant personnel should be evacuated to safety.

10 mobile platform, by rail, roller way, homework personnel should check the track, roller, roller, wire rope, support oil cylinder, such as security situation, moves should make every effort to smooth, uniform, prevent dumping.

11. When the rig is shifted, it is necessary to put down the mast, dismantle the cable, hose, and drill the car in place, immediately use the triangle wood wedge to tighten the wheels, and ensure that the legs are located on the base.

When loading mechanical equipment with automobiles, fasten the objects securely, and the handling should be conducted by experienced people. Overloading is prohibited. Springboard used in manpower loading and unloading car must have sufficient strength, and is equipped with antiskid spacer, put grade shall not be greater than 20 ℃, the ground side have the anti-slip measures.

13, impact drill, grasp the cone of the tripod or the installation of the shaft bracket height shall be not less than 7.5 m, Angle between the two legs is not less than 75 ℃, at the bottom of the legs to be fixed, packed flat handle, safety coefficient is not less than 5, wire rope safety factor not less than 6.